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proud of in my career


I work at Gradprentice as a  Product Designer. (I’ve been there for two years.)

My tasks include creating and implementing user-friendly UI designs for responsive websites & mobile applications by following the UX methodology and mentoring our students.


The bridge between uni and the dream job.

Agency – fresh grads can start their careers.

We worked real project. The fresh grads got a different kind of knowledge than at the uni and could build their portfolios.

We have a partnership with Middlesex University.

Great accomplishment

COVID – has redrawn the maps

  • Uni – online teaching – we teach the students in facilitations.
  • many students came to us from outside the universities

NEW STRUCTURE  -> gamified learning platform

They asked me to create a design for the new website and the learning platform.

eternal lovee

UX/UI app design


UX/UI web design


Brand design

UX web design

UX web design

Client name: Jolof Sports Club
Assignment: UX Improvement + UI re-design
My title: UX designer and UI design manager
My role: Research, workflow improvement, Prototyping, UI re-design, Testing, Content management
Challenge: creating a uniformly designed and user-friendly website for a relatively wide and diverse target audience
I used:

Brand & Logo design

Brand & Logo design

Client name: Folow Sport & Agency
Assignment: Branding and Logo design
Individual work
My title: Designer
My role: Research, creating the logo and complex brand design
Challenge: Creating a brandmark that reflects both the spirit of the sports brand and the spirit of the sports agency. Be easy to use and recognisable on different types of materials in all sizes.
I used:

UX app design

UX web design

Client name: Eternal Lovee
Assignment: UX Improvement + UI app design + Logo design
My title: UX/UI/Brand designer
My role: Research, workflow improvement, Prototyping, UI design, Testing, Logo and product designer
Challenge: design an app that is easy to use for elderly people, but also trendy for young people or children.
I used:

google scholarship

  • Android developer scholarship
  • earned twice this scholarship from Google


  • self-taught in the design and UX field
  • my openness to knowledge
  • willing to learn

satisfied clients

  • I have several returning client
  • all my colleagues and employers have been happy with my work so far

twists & turns

  • contribute to a broader perspective
  • taught me something I can use here


  • the students I mentored got a job in their field soon after entering the market